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Grand Opening

The Grand opening you have all been waiting for, a place so nice you’ll have to come twice. It’s Planet Air Sports Doral. For just $25 you can explore almost every adventure our park has to offer (with the exclusion of the snowboard and ski simulator as well as pool, batting cages and bowling). With…
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Kids vs. Technology

Kids vs. Technology Kids are very impressionable at early stages and the more they play video games, the more they will not want to do anything else. They will start forgetting about family fun days and start to think about how much they can’t wait to play. It can also affect them at school, allowing…
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Little Stars Birthday Parties

YOU ASKED FOR IT, AND WE ARE DELIVERING IT! Introducing our little star party! Where your child is a star! We now have parties for those that aren't quite tall enough to do all the other attractions, this party entails a private trampoline session and over an hour on our brand new, amazing playground that…
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