New and Improved Glowing Trampolines!

Just when you thought our park couldn’t get any better, our trampolines started to glow in the dark! Yup you heard it! Our brand-new trampolines glow in the dark daily as soon as the sun goes down. Ask your friends to wear white or pink. Just about anything white will glow a really cool blue color so don’t count those out! You can also connect a couple of glow in the dark bracelets and make fun jewelry to glow even brighter! Not to mention our yellow Planet Air socks that glow from far away.

You don’t have to be a professional gymnast to enjoy this glow, you can choose from our glow in the dark dodgeball, our glowing slam dunk area and of course our big open trampoline area. But what if you have a party at night? Most people like throwing parties during the day, but now with this special one of a kind experience, you can make your party double the fun at night! Invite all your friends and have a glow in the dark themed party! Just make sure you give ideas on how your guests should dress to your party! For example, florescent silly bands, LED accessories, neon nail polish, glow sticks, glow in the dark lipsticks, and even glow in the dark face paint! After you guys are all ready to glow, you can have a glow in the dark dance off with our great music or play other games! IT IS A PARTY AFTER ALL! Our new trampolines are so much fun, no matter your age everyone is attracted to the glow.

All this fun while still providing you with great health benefits makes our trampolines perfect for everyone. Its ok to be a bit scared of the dark, but not when everything glows at night!

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