5 Activities every adventure seeker needs to try!

If you’re all about that rush from extreme sports, we’ve got a few that will blow your mind:

If parachuting seams a little dull for you, then BASE jumping is your calling. BASE jumpers take their dives from buildings, cliffs, rocks, pretty much anywhere that’s high enough, that’s where “BASE” comes from. The free-fall lasts only a few seconds but only true daredevils will attempt this sport — and even then, it is often considered the most dangerous recreational activity on the planet.

Does crashing into sharp volcanic rocks at 30 mph on a little piece of wood sound fun to you? If your answer was YES, then welcome to ‘Volcano boarding’! This adventure starts by hiking the volcano to the very top, hikes usually take around 45 minutes. Then you slide down on a thin plywood or metal board. There are two ways to go volcano boarding. You can stand up like on a snowboard, or you can sit like on a sled, just remember volcanic rocks are not as soft as snow!

Do you want to build a snowman? No, but really…Imagine rock climbing, only you’re climbing an enormous piece of ice! Ice climbers ascend ice formations, such as frozen waterfalls, with the help of ice axes and other special climbing equipment.

Ever wish for the opportunity to get up close and personal with a crocodile? Most sane people would say no, but if that’s something you’re into, some companies can make it happen. Climb into a “Cage of Death” (yes, that’s the real name) and hang out with some of these magnificent and terrifying creatures.

If you’ve ever wanted to surf an airplane mid-air, wing walking is for you! Wing walking was first done as a way to refuel planes during airtime, but now it can be your next destination.