Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline for the Whole Family

Children who regularly jump on a trampoline gain educational benefits from the exercise. Studies have shown that trampoline jumping can:

Influence academic success – By helping a child learn to control movement of the body, it can help a child learn. Because a trampoline teaches muscle control and coordination, many children see an improvement academically when regular use of a trampoline occurs.

Improve self-esteem – A child gains confidence as he masters new skills on the trampoline. This can translate into a better self-image that may help improve academic success.

Teach persistence – It often takes many tries to master a skill on the trampoline, but because it is so much fun, a child will often persist. This can teach the important lesson that doing something right is worth the effort.

For adults, jumping on a trampoline can make them feel like a kid again, but it also stimulates your core muscles. It works on muscles ranging from your legs, all the way up to your arms. Trampoline exercises improve lymphatic flow, which strengthens the immune system and removes waste from the body. We want to show you that at Planet Air Sports you can be active with your children and provide benefits for the entire family.

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