Planet Air Sports Dodgeball Tournament Rules and Regulations

The tournament consists of an eight team, double-elimination, random knock-out tournament to be held on Friday, May 6th at 5:00 PM in the dodgeball court of the Planet Air Sports in Deerfield Beach, Florida. (Please arrive at 4:30 for check-in)

Team composition
Each team will consist of a minimum of six players and a maximum of eight. During any game, only six participants will be allowed to occupy the dodgeball court with the remaining two serving as substitutes in case of fatigue or injury. There will be no last-minute substitutions: only players in the official registration roster for that team will be allowed to participate. If a team consists of six players alone and one is injured, absent, or fatigued, the team will have to play with five players or forfeit the game and therefore, the tournament.

Prize and registration costs
Each team will register at a cost of $15 per team member, or you can buy a TOURNAMENT PACKAGE for $35. This package will include the tournament admission, a trampoline pass, 2 slices of pizza, a medium drink and the Planet Air anti-skid socks. The contest prize will be proportional to the total number of registered teams with winners taking 70% of all the tournament admission money and the remainder going to the house as an administration fee. Tournament admission costs are limited to the tournament and do not include access to other trampoline areas or attractions or Planet Air anti-skid socks which are required for participation, unless you buy the TOURNAMENT PACKAGE.

trampoline dodgeball tournament

Bracket allocation
As there is no seeding, team allocation in the bracket slots will proceed according to the order of registration, on a first come - first serve basis. The number of rounds played by any particular team will depend on the total number of registered teams and the order in which the team was registered, with last registrants being more likely to be forced into an extra knock-out round.

Registration requirements
1. Completed waiver for each participant at the time of registration
2. Admission fee per team member paid to Planet Air Sports
3. Completed tournament registration form , including team roster

trampoline dodgeball rules

Official Rules of Play for Ultimate Dodge Ball Tournament 2016

Planet Air Sports promotes and encourages a spirit of friendly competition best summarized by the saying "May the best team win." Consequently, any unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Arguing with the referee, shoving players, and the use of obscene language could result in being completely disqualified from the tournament.

Any situation that arises in play and is not contemplated in these rules will fall under the discretion and decision-making powers of the assisting referee. All referee decisions are final. In rare instances, appeals can be brought to the tournament coordinators who will have a final say in any dispute arising from these rules and their interpretation. These rules are subject to change at the discretion of Planet Air Sports and the tournament coordinators. All other Planet Air Sports rules and requirements remain active and are not voided by their exclusion from this document.


  • The goal of play is to tag out all opposing team members through the use of a thrown "live" ball that strikes them on any part of the body (excluding the head), or by capturing a ball in mid-air that was launched by an opposing player.
  • A ball is considered "live" from the moment it leaves an active player's hand and before it contacts any physical structure in the dodge ball court. Conversely, a ball is considered "dead" after it touches any structure, netting, floor, foam pad or has touched any player on the head. A direct headshot will cause both the thrower and the tagged player to be out. A deflected ball - one that struck another player - that strikes someone on the head will result in only the struck player being out.
  • A live ball can tag out multiple players provided it is not caught at the end. If a live ball is caught by any opposing player, any teammates that had been tagged out by that ball during that throw are reincorporated as active players and the throwing opponent is deemed "out." For the purposes of tournament play, the last remaining player on the team will not be able to bring back the entire team by capturing a live ball in mid-air.
  • At the beginning of the game, each team will be given two balls which will be distributed by the team captains. The referee will assure everyone is in position and blow the whistle twice, signifying the start of the game.
  • Any player tagged out must remove themselves from the area of play by sitting on the top benches, when possible, or sitting against the side wall with legs tucked in. No player that has been tagged out may interfere with play by standing, encroaching onto the trampoline space, waving their hands or in any other way being disruptive to the smooth flow of the game. Ultimate determinations of the adequacy of a player's behavior rests with the referee.
  • The ball should always be gripped in an open-hand fashion. Gripping the ball by pinching the skin will result in a warning and, if the behavior continues, the player will be sent out by the referee. Holding the ball for an extended period of time will trigger a 5-number vocal countdown by the referee. A violation of the countdown will result in the player being out.
  • Active players crossing over the red mid-court divider will be deemed "out." No player can be tagged out by a "suicide throw" - one in which a throwing player jumps over the red line and into the opponents' court for the purpose of tagging an oppossing player. No active player may exit the dodge ball court mid-play for any purpose, including the retrieval of a lost ball. Balls that have left the dodge ball court will be retrieved by Planet Air Sports staff and put back into play by the referee.
  • The referee will indicate the conclusion of the game by blowing twice when the final player on a team is tagged out. In the event that each team has one remaining player and, in the final play, they manage to tag each other, the referee will decide the game according to the following principle: If the tags are simultaneous, they cancel each other out and play resumes. However, if one player is tagged first, they will be out and the game will conclude. Striking the other player afterwards is invalid since the game would have effectively been over at that time. The referee will be the final authority on the sequence of events.



**PLease remember to fill out the waivers for all the team members in order to complete registration.