March 4th we did our first Dodgeball Tournament

On March 4th we did our first Dodgeball tournament with great success. Because of this, and because you have asked us, we decided to make a monthly tournament! So for all fans of Dodgeball, next April 8th at 5 PM you will have the opportunity to dodge, duck, dip and dive again. For more information, rules and sign up please visit planetairsports.com, under events then go to dodgeball tournament. Remember first come first serve, so sign up as soon as possible! There will be two packages: a tournament package which includes socks, two slices of pizza and a drink, a Parque de Trampolines pass, and also your dodgeball tournament pass. So not only can you play in the tournament, get fed, you can also play on the Parque de Trampolines while you wait and enjoy yourself. This package will cost $35 per person, then there will also be the normal dodgeball tournament pass which will be $15 per person, but this package includes only the tournament.