Family time is the BEST time!

The importance of quality family time. Remember when was the last time you spent a moment with your family and you were “completely” with them? Without checking the phone every two minutes, without thinking about work or your subsequent commitments? When was the last time you were actually listening to a conversation with you parents? If you’ve been honest in answering, you may not remember.

Sadly, with a growing list of things to do every day it’s easy to let the time we spend with our loved ones to slide down on our list of priorities. However, is not an unsolvable issue, all you need is a little of attention and disposition.

Knowing what “quality time” exactly means it’s a bit difficult because is a concept that can vary widely from one family to another, we could all agree that it represents the time we spend with our loved ones, being “really” there in the moment.

For some families it might be sitting together at the table for lunch and having a deep conversation, for others may mean going for a walk in the park, playing a board game… the real important thing is that, no matter what the activity may be, it represents a priority for you.

Spending quality family time is important because:

1. Strengthens family bonds

2. Develops your self-esteem

3. Creates happy memories

4. Improves communication skills

As adults we are more likely to remember a happy story with our parents than some expensive gift we received on some of our birthdays, so take a moment to spend quality time with your family today!

Fitness and fun are the easiest ways to create real connections with the ones you love the most; Encouraging your kids to jump on the trampoline, get to the top of the rock climbing wall or just having fun…At Planet Air Sports we’re happy to help you achieve this, making healthy and family time our priority.