FAQs Doral

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-What are your Hours of Operation?

-Where are you located?

-What is your phone number?

-How much does it cost?

-Do you offer any Specials or Combo Deals?

-Do I need to sign a waiver before I can participate?

-Do I have to sign a waiver for my kids every time they visit Planet Air Sports?

-What kind of shoes or clothing should I wear to participate in the different attractions?

-Do I need to buy the anti skid socks every time I visit Planet Air Sports?

-Can I bring outside food or drinks?

-Is it open to the public?

-Do you have height restrictions?

-Do you have age restrictions?

-Do you have a weight limit?

-Can adults participate?

-Do I have to pay to watch my kids?

-Do you have free Wi-Fi?

-How do your Birthday Parties work?

Can we do a corporate event at your facility?

-Do you rent the facility for private parties?

-Can I participate wearing a cast?

-Where can I store my shoes and belongings during my stay?

-Are you hiring?