Triple Bungie Trampoline

Triple Bungee Trampoline

Jump, Jump, Jump in a Triple Bungee Trampoline. You can jump off of 3 trampolines in a V-shape at the same time.

As the bungee cords stretch, you will soon be demonstrating your acrobatic talents by doing somersaults, flips, twists and spins, then landing safely on your feet!

Vertical Drop Slide

Toddler's Playground

For the little ones we offer our Toddler playground. They can spend hours playing on our mini trampoline, kid’s climbing walls, slides, games, books, puzzles and much more! They can also relax while watching a movie. Cost is $15 per child.

Aeroball and Jumpshot

Aeroball / Jumpshot

Push to astronomical heights, defy vertical gravity, and master the competitive game of Aeroball!

Aeroball is a physically, mentally challenging, and competitive game, that combines Basketball and the trampoline into the ultimate vertical sports experience.

Jumpshot is a similar indoor attraction with actual basketball hoops.

Leap of Faith

Arcade Room

We now offer a state of the art Arcade Room with over 7,000 square feet and over 50 extraordinary games! The games range from carnival games, all the way to games from the 1990’s. Most of the games are family friendly as we don’t want to put any limits on children who enjoy our attractions. We have sports games, shooting games, racing, virtual reality, and simulator games.

We also offer Redemption Games, with lots of prizes ready for you to win!!! The redemption tickets automatically scan onto your game card so you don’t have to worry about carrying tickets around! No matter your physical strength or condition, everyone can enjoy these magnificent games!



The X-Board attraction is designed principally because of skate boarders. They are able to spin 360 degrees on a snowboard. Safety is always present thanks to the special structural support design.

This unit allows two people, over 5' height, to spin regardless of their weight. This equipment requires the user's coordination and effort to do such activity. There is no motor; the user is the one that makes it go up and down, and eventually making it go all the way around, if he so chooses.

Vertical Drop Slide

Vertical Drop Slide

The Vertical Drop Slide is an ‘out of the ordinary’ experience. Each participant is kitted out in a skydive suit (to control the amount of friction) and a helmet. Then they hold on to a handlebar and are pulled up the face of the slide using a winch controlled by a supervisor.

This is a ‘challenge of choice’ and the participant can let go at any time he or she chooses. Participants going to the top of a 25 foot slide will have about 10 feet of freefall before engaging seamlessly with the slide and through the radius, and down to the end of the slide.

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

The Leap of Faith is an immensely popular element which is a real personal challenge for many. The goal is to climb up the central pole and onto the jump platform from where the participant leaps out to catch hold of one of two items.

Participants have the choice to either go to the right and jump and hug the punching bag or go to the left and jump and grab the handle, to gain the admiration of spectators and a huge sense of achievement. The position of the Trapeze can quickly and easily be set closer or further away to suit the physicality and confidence of each participant.