Indoor Skiing Makes Ski Season Year Round

Skiing is no longer just a “winter sport” thanks to our indoor skiing, the only one is South Florida. Our slope simulator is available at any time of year, and now that the ski season has started, it’s a great option to learn or practice your moves.

Our state-of-the-art indoor ski slope was built specifically for learning, training and advancing your skills in the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding. The cutting-edge technology reproduces the same effects as practicing and learning on a snow-white slope. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, our unique indoor ski slope provides you with the same disciplines as on-hill skiing and snowboarding within a controlled and safe environment.

The exact match of real physical forces and biomechanics of snow sports allows skiers and snowboarders to learn & practice within the same G-force effects that they would and advance their well-carved turns as in on a real mountain.

It is a perfect assistant for skiing and snowboarding training for both children and adults, without any need to travel to a mountain skiing resort. With the help of a mountain skiing simulator, and an instructor, both amateurs and highly experienced fans of winter sports can get the best possible preparation for the season and keep their shape during the low season.

Training with an indoor ski slope simulator allows you to improve your skills, develops your sense of balance, and enhances your endurance, coordination and reflexes. Curiously enough, children, as compared with adults, master the techniques of the skiing sports amusement much faster, starting with the basics.

Having arrived to a ski resort, the vast majority of people face the fact that during the first several days of the long-awaited rest, their bodies have to adjust to the new physical activities, unusual for their everyday life, during which they experience unpleasant feelings in their joints, sinews, and muscles. To avoid such unpleasant effects of this adjustment, you need to prepare your body in advance.

At our ski slope simulator, you will enable the correct use of almost all muscles and joints, working out the proper hand position and movement of the knees, and distribution of the load onto the legs and feet. All these will ensure the opportunity to make your skiing technique better and safer. Train at our endless ski slopes, indoor ski simulator, and the required adaptation will come easily and without any unnecessary discomfort.

Let’s enjoy together the ski season that has officially started. Because skiing and snowboarding is now available all year in Miami!

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