Hottest new birthday trend: Out of this world birthday parties!

Birthday parties

Do you imagine having your birthday party on a glowing galaxy?? Well now you can!

In Planet Air Sports we are always coming up with new ways to make your birthday parties even more awesome. The newest additions to our family of attractions are: Paintless Paintball and Glow in the dark soccer!

Get all of the rush of paintball with none of the bullet paint mess, we’ve merged the technology of laser tag and the adrenaline of regular paintball to create a special experience called: Paintless paintball! It’s like having your party on your very own galaxy.

Now for all of our soccer fans out there, we have an amazing indoor soccer area! But for the real MVPs out there we created a Glow-in-the-dark soccer attraction… All the excitement of soccer played on a glowing galaxy only the best will make that goal in the dark!

Challenge your friends to see who has the best skills on the team!

Have a birthday party that will have them talking until next year! Check out our Birthday Celebrations packages *hyperlink* and get in on the hottest birthday parties around.