Paintless Paintball

Paintless Paintball?

Being the third most popular extreme sport in the USA, paintball has made a name for itself as one of the coolest activities you can do with your friends!

There’s over 10 million players running, dodging, hiding and shooting their paintball gun, blasting paint all over the US. So there’s no wonder why we at Planet Air Sports made a special Paintball Attraction, but here’s the twist: We made it PAINTLESS. Yeah, you heard it right…You can now play paintball without the mess of paint.

Paintless Paintball

How, you ask?

Well, we combined the same rules and strategy of paintball with some of the laser tag technology; you get a vest and a paintball gun which is filled with little paintless balls, the rules are the same:

Instead of blasting paintballs all over your opponents, when the ball hits their vest a scoreboard records the hit…so, no cheating, no arguing over whose paint is that from and it’s all about actual skills!

Paintless Paintball Paintless Paintball Paintless Paintball