Planet Air Sports History

Planet Air Sports, more than 2 years of unlimited fun while exercising Learn the history, challenges and changes of this incredible park of “unlimited fun”Upon entering the 28 thousand square foot (2,500 mts.) site, your spirits are lifted by the yellow and intense blue colors of its place. You can hear echos of laughter and cheering from children and adults all around.. After almost 3 years since its opening, Planet Air Sports is known as a must-see recreational destination in South Florida. Alberto Zafrani, its founder, tells us how he got the idea of mixing exercises with a highly enjoyable adrenaline: “I saw a show on television in 2011 about a trampoline park in Orlando, my wife, Goldy, and I went to see it with our three children; when I saw it, I got the idea of creating the concept of a trampoline park which would fulfill all our expectations for family enjoyment.” The Zafrani family were accustomed to taking their children to different sites which focused on extreme sports, cardio, and fun at the same time, but… “What if we combined the sports with fun or entertainment?” Albert wondered. He began dreaming, and on August 2 of 2012, after a lot of hard work, his dreams materialized. He ordered trampolines of his own design, 8 thousand square feet for jumping. It also occurred to him to buy a Playground for small children, climbing walls, and a couple of other attractions so that people of all ages could enjoy themselves. So then he decided to combine in one place all activities that he had enjoyed separately: rope courses, climbing walls, trampolines, and more. He also added some video game machines. The next step was to open a special area for birthday celebrations, a kitchen, and a dining area so that no one had to leave the park to satisfy their hunger or thirst. Then a quiet area for parents where they can work or dedicate themselves to other interests while their children play was created.The entire park has free Wi-Fi internet access. Comfortable sofas and high chairs were added to allow the parents to watch their children closely. When they were ready to offer a multi-attraction family park to residents and visitors in
South Florida, they considered the limitation of having to leave an attraction just when you are enjoying it most because your time is up.. And so, they came up with the concept of “unlimited fun”, with the #AllDayPass, based on the concept of unlimited time on the attractions, a concept which this Family Entertainment Center pioneered. This means that for one amount you purchase a pass for the attraction of your choice, from among the 12 offered, and you can enjoy it all day long. Or better yet, invest in an All Atraccion pass and enjoy any of the attractions in the park all day long. Zafrani continued explaining the transformation which has been achieved from 2012 to the present to make the park the example of “Exercise made fun” which it is today. “A few months after the inauguration, we realized that the majority of the games and attractions we had gave visitors a good workout while they were smiling and enjoying themselves. We liked that! So, we decided that this would be our focus, and it is reflected in the campaign which we will launch shortly to describe ourselves on the social networks, ‘Fun is cardio’”. For example, on the X-Board the participants have to move with their own muscular force a type of snowboard which rotates 360 degrees. Other changes over the past two years include the substitution of the Playground with a Dodge Ball court; Soccer Pool, where you play by kicking a white ball, trying to hit the other colored balls, as in a game of pool. In 2014, they added an additional 7 thousand square feet to the site for the debut that year of Paintless Paintball, a combination of Paintball and Laser tag. It provides all the adrenaline of Paintball with the technology of laser tag. This same area can host games of Glow in the Dark soccer and Glow in the Dark basketball. Games of Soccer or basketball are held under black lights. The team uniforms as well as the balls, hoops or goals glow in the dark; they’re fluorescent. It’s great fun! That’s Planet Air Sports, an unequaled concept. It’s creators are clear about its strengths:
-Variety in innovative attractions. -One price for unlimited time, not by the hour -A staff well trained in the security of extreme attractions. -Comfortable and attractive for the entire family: parents, young people, and children. -Freshly made food, such as pizza, sandwiches, salads, empanadas, tequeños, smoothies, etc. -Modern installations, strategically located for access from: the Turnpike, I-95 and Sawgrass Expressway. Among the visitors who have honored us with their presence in the park, are the comedian, Kevin Hart, with his children and golf legend, Tiger Woods, who celebrated his daughter’s birthday in “Planet Air”. We’ve also received visits from Jason Taylor, well known player of the Miami Dolphins, and James Jones, the Miami Heat basketball player. Both brought their families for some fun.The young music star, Austin Mahone, has also been by. The park was the location for filming a section of the television show, Nuestra Belleza Latina. Wherever Zafrani goes he carries the plans with him of an improved version of Planet in Doral, with double the area, and modernized with attractions that no other park in South Florida offers. He’s proud to have achieved his dream of offering families a place where they can be together, to enjoy themselves and be entertained, but at the same time move and exercise their bodies. “To see that each week 10 to 15 birthdays are celebrated in our park is a great satisfaction”… “To be chosen as the first option for celebrating nothing less than the life of a child is a motive for happiness and pride for those of us who work to make it all possible.”… “To see the happiness of those who visit us is our fuel”, he concluded with a smile. Planet Air Sports will soon be opening in Doral, but today you can visit them at 1401 Green Road. Deerfield Beach, FL 33064 and you can find all the attractions and prices here. What are you waiting for?