New Playground Expansion!

Now we have even more to offer to the little ones! Just for the cost of $15 for the whole day, your toddlers can spend hours playing on our kiddie trampoline, climbing walls, slides, ball pool, puzzles, games, spider climb, and much more! They also receive cool non-slip socks when purchasing the tickets, required to wear in our toddler’s area to keep them safe from slipping or falling.

Not only did our Playground get an expansion, but it also got a few new toys! Up on the second level of the playground your little ones can have more fun than ever before with our enclosed floating balloon area. Colorful huge balloons float and spin all over the room while they try and catch them! They will be exercising while creating this enjoyable experience.

The exercise they receive from all the attractions will have them feeling great! You must be thinking “this all sounds so great!” well it gets better! We now have a costume station where our toddlers can get dressed up in fun and different costumes while they play around! From zebras, kangaroos to unicorns and dragons, we have it all! Interacting and playing presents an immense amount of learning opportunities for them! This perfect interactive environment will help develop strong language skills, creativity and confidence.

Our toddlers’ playground provides them a safe and comfortable setting for them to practice sharing, cooperation, taking turns, and showing respect for others. There will be an employee present at the playground watching over the kids, making sure they are safe and don’t run out of the playground without parent permission. We also have a seating area placed around the entire playground, so you can watch your child playing while eating or talking with friends.

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