Summer Membership

Because you asked for it, Planet Air Sports now offers a Summer monthly membership! It’s our Super Pass for 30 days, specially priced at $349 (Overall value is $1,350). The 30 days start from the day you buy your membership.

Everyone is always waiting for summer break to come around, but when it finally arrives, what will you do? Most parents work and don’t want their kids to be home alone. On the other hand, some kids feel they are too old for summer camps, but also know that they will get bored if left at home. Summer 2018 should be different from the rest, and we are here to make it just that. Imagine going to Planet Air whenever you want at whatever time you want!

This membership is available from June 1st until august 31st. This is the perfect opportunity for any parents that need to keep their kids busy all day long and just not for a few hours. Here at Planet Air we strive to help kids in all areas of individual growth: learning new skills, making friends, developing teamwork, and most of all, having fun. Our staff prepares for the summer by aiming and creating a safe and dynamic environment for kids to enjoy themselves all day. We are the ideal place to bring kids during the summer because of the variety and assortment of activities to do, and of course, all day!

After they finish playing or just take a break, kids and stop by our Planet Air Café with its ginormous and delicious menu options. They can also rest in our many lounging areas and get more energy to go back to the fun.  Summer means Planet Air Sports! We hope to see everyone!

The membership Includes the following attractions: trampolines, jumpshot, Aeroball, Cageball, bungee trampoline, ropes courses, zip lines, climbing walls, spider tower, Trapeze, monkey rings, 360 degree rides, and ninja course.

All these attractions are for unlimited time, not charged by the hour!

For more information, please call 305 800-4386, or just buy it on line at

(Not included: batting cages, 20’ x 40’ ski simulator, pool tables, bowling alley, toddler’s Playground).

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