The most fun way to play soccer is here. BUBBLE SOCCER!

At Planet Air Sports we are always looking for new exciting attractions for our customers, but with this one we believe we hit a BIG one… big laughter, bug FUN!!!

Now, we have a game that is safe, entertaining to watch, and hilariously fun to play: Bubble Soccer. During this new game, you will be bumping, rolling, bouncing, but most of all laughing like crazy! The most action-packed, entertaining, delightful to watch, safest version of soccer the world has ever seen! Take one part soccer, one part pillow fight, one part slapstick comedy, mix it well, and what do you get? Bubble Soccer!!!

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You will feel like a kid again. You and your friends will be laughing for days after. To make it more challenging you can play it glow in the dark too.

This fun sports is ideal for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, team buildings and much more.

We believe in exercise made fun and Bubble Soccer is great cardio exercise for the entire family!

We offer a 30 minute session with two periods. The cost for Bubble Soccer is $20 per person. A maximum of 10 people are allowed per game (5 in each team).