Planet Air Sports is a state-of-the-art facility introducing a unique approach to exercise and sports training while having fun. We are a fitness for fun facility, We cater to the parents as much as we cater to the kids.

We have a wide variety of attractions to guarantee a fun time while exercising and training for other sports. Our attractions include a Trampoline Park, Rope Courses, Zip Line, Climbing Walls, Arcade and more!

Remember, parents are encouraged to participate with their kids. This is a unique place where parents and kids can play and have fun together. For the parents that don't want to participate, we have comfortable sofas, a parents lounge, good food and free wi-fi. There is something for just about everyone. You won't find a place like this anywhere. Come see us and find out for yourself what a fun place this is, for the kids and the parents. Great place for teambuilding, too!


Planet Air Sports is not only made with kids in mind, parents can also come hang out at a fun place. They can listen to music, or relax at our quiet parents' lounge, while their kids are having fun for hours. Bring your laptop; we have free WiFi. You can also watch sports on our large screens located throughout the facility.

Enjoy fresh prepared meals and a large assortment of other items. We also have kosher and gluten free snacks. Most of our attractions are for unlimited time, and you don't need to make reservations.

Our concept is exercise made fun. So we fight child obesity by incorporating exercises into our attractions; You just don't realize it's exercise!


At Planet Air Sports, we believe in building a strong connection with your family and friends. Therefore, we provide a facility with multiple attractions were children and adults of most ages can enjoy together, laugh, and have a great time all under the same roof.

Our attractions and activities keep everyone entertained and interactive during their visit.

Dodgeball is a great game to take part of in different teams, competing against each other for the highest score. On the other hand, attractions such as climbing and rope circuits are attractions made more for individual competition and time tracking making fun to compete against each other scores.


"Came with my kids and they were so fascinated by everything but what really caught their eye was the a Leap of Faith!" - ItsLuisa

"The establishment was beautiful and I had a really great time with my family. The staff was really nice and friendly." - Evelyn Lucero

"Great place for birthday parties! My son had his 9th birthday party at Planet Air and he had a blast. His friends said it was the best party they have ever attended." - Monica Guelman