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Family fun center


There is always something for everyone

Dive into excitement with our trampolines, conquer the heights of our ropes courses and zip lines, and test your agility on our ninja course. Little ones can explore the biggest playground in Miami, while adrenaline junkies tackle the ski slope simulator.

Immerse yourself in the future of gaming with cutting-edge VR games, or indulge your competitive side in our expansive arcade. From high-flying adventures to virtual reality thrills, there’s always something for all ages at our dynamic destination. Join us for a day of boundless fun and create memories that span generations! Our facility is a family fun center that offers a wide range of activities for all ages


Trampoline Park

Our 16,000+ square foot Indoor Trampoline Park brings PLAY to a whole new level.

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Come visit Planet Air Sports and enjoy having “Out-of-this-World” fun jumping to your hearts’ content on our Indoor Trampoline Park. It’s a Non-Stop Fun attraction for all ages, and it’s also a fantastic workout you won’t want to miss. While on the trampoline park, choose between our different available attractions or try them all out. 
You can take your best shot at our (3) three different height Basketball Hoops. You can come join us for a challenging and adrenaline filled game of Dodgeball on our state-of-the-art Dodgeball trampoline, or you can simply jump for fun and flip to showcase and practice your skills amongst your family, coworkers and friends.

Bowling Alley

Our NEW Bowling Alley will bring up the FUN to a whole new level.

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Ever have those nights where you are at home bored?. And then you get this brilliant idea to go bowling, but you do not just want to bowl, you want to do other things as well. Well, at Planet Air Sports Doral we have it all, including the bowling alley. What are you waiting for?

Our bowling alley is kids friendly, too. While you are playing, you can have some of our delicious food and drinks that are available at the Planet Air Cafe. For the adults, we also have beer and wine.


Indoor Ski Slope

No need to check for snow conditions; Our Ski Slope is open year round!

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Living in Florida is probably one of the best things ever. The only thing missing is mountains to go skiing or snowboarding. Too bad we cannot bring them here, right? Oh wait, we did! Now, indoor skiing and snowboarding is available all year round at Planet Air Sports in Miami, Florida.

We have a ski slope (ski simulator) that you can snowboard and ski. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned pro, our unique indoor ski slope provides you with the same disciplines as on-hill riding, but within a controlled and safe environment.


Ropes Courses

Our new state-of-the-art ropes course reaches new heights.

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After our employees strap you in, and make sure you are completely safe, you will experience all types of obstacles.

We have two exciting and challenging ropes courses, one easier for the younger kids and one harder for the teenagers and adults. You will be balancing through ropes, going through barrels, walking on planks, cubes, moving bridges, riding a skateboard attached to a wire, and you will also be going over tires that are suspended in the air!


Toddlers' Playground

For the little ones, we offer the biggest Toddler playground in town.

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We have a wonderful two level soft play playground. Not only is this playground tons of fun, but it’s good for them as well! The exercise coming from the attractions will have your kids feeling great! There will be an employee present at the playground watching over the kids, making sure they are safe. We have also added a seating area placed around the playground so you can watch your child while you get something to eat or drink.


Ninja Course

Ninjas of all ages are welcome to test their skills in our challenging Ninja Course.

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Ever watch the American Ninja Warrior show and say: I can do that! Well now you can, at our Doral facility we have a whole ninja course just for you. Put your skills to the test on our new Ninja Course. Ninjas of all sizes are welcome to test their agility, strength, speed and coordination while maneuvering through different obstacles. 

This means you can jump from challenging elements and be the warrior you always wanted to be. This course will sure test your strength, agility, patience and your drive. Think you can complete it?

climbing walls doral

Climbing Walls

Come to Planet Air Sports ready to reach for the top.

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We have 16 fun rock climbing walls with different levels of difficulty. One of our rock-climbing walls is called the Twister, and it has two levels of difficulty. It’s fun; it’s tall, and it’s very colorful! Have you ever climbed in the dark? Our Dark Tower allows participants to climb in a dark enclosed tower illuminated only by florescent pegs. In any case, try them all and choose your favorite!

virtual reality slide

Virtual Reality

Visit our virtual world. Experience virtual reality like never before.

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Virtual reality has arrived at Planet Air Sports! Enjoy our newest cutting game that plunges guests into a three-dimensional virtual world, you can take on adventures, dangers and try something you have never tried before! We take pride in delivering the newest technology in entertainment! 

Virtual reality is the newest development in Arcade Gaming. The technology and graphics are so high-tech, players can fully dive into an alternate world. Virtual Reality is Not Just a Game, you’re going on an Adventure!


Batting Cage

You can feel like a professional baseball player that is practicing batting.

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Ever have plans cancelled because of the weather? The heat, rain or wind will not stop you from playing your favorite sport. We have a machine shooting baseballs or softballs which can deliver any pitch that a human pitcher can. Batters can choose the speed and the height of the baseballs or the softballs.



Nonstop arcade fun! Shoot, surf, score, flip, drive, blast…

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We have all you need to experience your adventurous side! You have everything from retro classics, arcade fan favorites, shooting games, ride simulators and a variety of redemption machines.

Win e-tickets and choose your favorite prizes at our incredible redemption center. Bring your family, meet your friends, and have fun in our interactive arcade to experience some of the coolest and most advanced games around.


Zip Lines

Our indoor zip lines tower over 20 feet high and 100 feet long.

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Everyone loves ziplining, and now you never have to stop! 

As you zip line across the length of the park, you will see wonders along the way. The great thing is that it doesn’t stop there, you get to zip line there, and then back again. This being because our zip lines are recurrent. The fun just doesn’t end! No more waiting in line to zip line. You chose when enough is enough for you. You can even race your friend as you both zip line across from each other. These zip lines are all fun and we cannot wait for you all to try them.


Monkey Rings

Ever watched Gymnasts at work and wanted to soar through the air like they do?

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Well, we are giving you the opportunity to do just that. Planet Air Sports would like to introduce you to our monkey bars attractions.

Our Monkey Rings are for those a little more scared of heights because they are closer to the air bag than the trapeze, but no shortage of the thrill.  Make no mistake, this is no easy challenge as it will require a lot of strength and grit to make it to the end.


Bumper Cars

The Spin Zone Experience adds a new and exciting bumper cars’ attraction.

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Designed for singles drivers ages five years old and up, riders can be as young as three years old when they ride in the Buddy Seat with Mom or Dad. The cars are easy to enter and exit for any age rider and easy to control. Operating at a maximum of three mph, they are not fast, but are very quick. Getting up to speed in less than eight feet, the Spin Zone Bumper Cars is an exciting ride that is fun for all ages!


Bungee Trampoline

Jump, Jump, Jump in a Triple Bungee Trampoline.

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You can jump off of 3 trampolines that are in a V-shape, all at the same time. As the bungee cords stretch, you will soon be demonstrating your acrobatic talents by doing somersaults, flips, twists and spins, and then landing safely on your feet!


Aeroball / Jumpshot

A game of endurance, vision, strength and agility.

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Aeroball and Jumpshot will tire out world class athletes in a matter of minutes and provide cross-training for any aerial or cardio related sport. The essence of the game is reading the other player’s movements and adjusting your shot and jump accordingly, while trying to get the double bounce factor. That is achieved by jumping a split second after the other player. This gives you an extra lift while stealing it from your opponent.


No need to worry, we’re here to guide you. If something’s still unclear, just give us a call, we’re happy to chat!

What is Planet Air Sports?

Planet Air Sports is a family fun center that offers a wide range of activities for all ages. From trampolines to ropes courses, and from indoor skiing to virtual reality, we have something for everyone!

What activities does your facility offer?

Our facility offers a wide range of exciting activities, including trampolining, ropes courses, zip lines, ninja courses, a toddler playground, an indoor ski slope, VR games, arcade games, bowling, climbing walls, batting cages, and more!

Can I try the Indoor Ski Slope year-round?

Absolutely! Our Indoor Ski Slope is open year-round, allowing you to experience the thrill of skiing without worrying about snow conditions.

Do you offer birthday party packages?

Yes, we offer a variety of birthday party packages. Please check our website Birthday Party page or contact us for more information.

Are there any weight restrictions for the activities?

Yes, participants must weigh under 250 lbs for safety reasons.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed. However, we have a variety of food and drink options available for purchase. Check or Café Menu.

Is there an age limit for the attractions?

Our activities cater to all ages, but some have height requirements for safety. Please check the specific rules for each attraction.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation vary depending on the day of the week. Please check our website calendar or contact us for more information.

Can personal items be secured during activities?

Participants are responsible for securing their personal items. Loose objects, such as cell phones or cameras, should not be brought into the attractions. Operators are not responsible for lost or misplaced items.

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Rules and Conditions

  • Participants' maximum weight is 250 lbs.
  • Lower ropes course, 45” min. height.
  • Upper ropes course, 56” min. height.
  • Recurrent Zip Lines, minimum height of 56”.
  • Participants must safely fit in harness.
  • Ensure that your shoes are secure. No flip-flops or open heel shoes.
  • Please make sure your shoelaces are tied.
  • Pockets must be empty.
  • No loose objects such as cell phones or cameras. Eyeglasses should be secure.
  • Operators are not responsible for lost or misplaced personal items.
  • No hanging or horseplay. Operator reserves the right to expel participants from the attraction if exhibiting the wrong behavior.
  • Attractions are not recommended for guests with the following conditions: Pregnancy, neck problems, back problems, heart problems, recent surgery or any history of physical condition that may be aggravated by this attraction.
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