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Ever have those nights, where you are at home bored, and then you get this brilliant idea to go bowling, but you do not just want to bowl, you want to do other things as well? Well at Planet Air Sports Doral we have it all including the bowling alley you have all been waiting for.

There are 8 lanes included and all the weights for the bowling balls you will need. We have a café to eat and get drinks from, while you play and if you finish your games of bowling and still want to do something else, you can come on down to our trampolines and jump


Have an event unlike any other. We strive to make the event GREAT from corporate events to field trips and much more. Our party rooms, gourmet fast foot, beer and wine and friendly staff are ready for you.




- Participant Maximum weight is 250lbs.
- Bottom Ropes Course 45” min. height
- Upper Ropes Course 56” min. height
- We have 2 recurrent Zip Lines, with a minimum height of 56”
- Participant must safely fit in harness
- Ensure that your shoes are secure. No Flip-flops or open heel shoes.
- Please make sure your shoe laces are tied.
- Pockets must be empty.
- No loose objects such as cell phones or cameras. Eyeglasses should be secure.
- Operators are not responsible for lost or misplaced personal items.
- No hanging or horseplay. Operator reserves the right to expel participants from the attraction if exhibiting this behavior.
- Attraction is not recommended for guests with the following conditions: Pregnancy, Neck problems, Back Problems, Heart Problems, Recent Surgery or any history of physical condition that may be aggravated by this attraction.

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