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- Do you rent the facility for private parties?
Yes we do. Please call for arrangements at 954-HAVE-FUN

- Can we do a corporate event at your facility?
Visit our corporate event page or call 305-800-4FUN

- How do your Birthday Parties work?
Visit our Events page for more info.

- Where are you located?
Visit our Contact Us to view our locations.

- What is your phone number?

- What are your Hours of Operation?
*Hours subject to change. Visit our Calendar, to view any changes to our hours of operations.


- How much does it cost?
Visit our pricing page here for more details

- Do you offer any Specials or Combo Deals?
We sometimes have specials. Visit our calendar to see current specials

- Is it open to the public?
Yes, you are welcome to visit Planet Air Sports.

- Do I have to pay to watch my kids?
No. You only pay if you participate. We have a parent’s lounge with free Wi-Fi, comfortable sofas around the park and other areas where you can watch your kids having fun.

- Do I need to buy the anti skid socks every time I visit Planet Air Sports?
No, you can buy them once, and bring them every time you come in.

- Are you hiring?
Visit our Jobs page.

- Where can I store my shoes and belongings during my stay?
For your convenience we offer free shoe cubbies, but for $3 plus $7 deposit, you can rent a locker during your stay. Planet Air Sports is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

- Do you have free Wi-Fi?
Yes, we do.

- Can adults participate?
Yes they can and we always encourage them to participate.

- Do you have height restrictions?
Yes, the child needs to be 45 inches tall to use the lower ropes course, trapeze, monkey bars, zip lines and trampolines. For the Ninja course, the child needs to be 52 inches tall. To use the upper ropes course and parkour course the height is 56 inches. And finally, for the 360 degree rides they need to be 60 inches.

- Do you have age restrictions?
We do not go by the age, we go by height. However, we have a great playground with lots of activities for children under 45 inches.

- Do you have a weight limit?
Yes. It is 250 lbs.

- Can I bring outside food or drinks?
No. We do not allow outside food or drinks. We have a full café that offers a variety of delicious fresh made food, and your favorite snacks and refreshments. Visit our menu

- Do I need to sign a waiver before I can participate?
Yes. Everybody needs to have waiver signed. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must fill the waiver for you, but does not have to be present when you visit the facility. Waivers can be filled out online, downloaded and brought with you, or filled out at the location. Waivers will stay on file for one year. You may fill it out Here.

- Do I have to sign a waiver for my kids every time they visit Planet Air Sports?
No. Waivers are kept on file and only need to be filled out once a year.

- What kind of shoes or clothing should I wear to participate in the different attractions? You should wear comfortable clothing, sneakers, and for the trampolines you need to buy Planet Air Sports anti skid socks for $2.50 plus tax. These socks you can always bring them back.

- Can I participate wearing a cast?
For the safety of our other guests, we do not allow casts on the attractions.

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