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Toddlers' Bliss Zone

Toddlers' Playground

Where Little Adventures Begin!

Prepare for a world of endless giggles and boundless energy at our playground! Your little ones won’t just play – they’ll embark on a mini adventure filled with laughter and excitement. Picture this: mini trampolines, kid-sized climbing walls, thrilling slides, engaging games, captivating books, mind-bending puzzles, and so much more! It’s a paradise of play where every moment is a memory in the making.

But it’s not just about fun; it’s about fostering healthy habits too! Our two-level soft play playground isn’t just a source of joy; it’s a secret fitness haven for your tiny tots. The attractions are like a fitness fiesta, ensuring your kids not only have a blast but also get their daily dose of exercise. Who said staying active couldn’t be this much fun?

Worried about their safety? Fear not! Our dedicated team is on the scene, keeping a watchful eye on all the pint-sized adventurers. It’s all about creating an environment where your kids can explore, learn, and, most importantly, be safe. We’ve even thrown in cozy seating around the playground – because we know you want to catch every smile, jump, and victorious slide down the mini slopes.

Feel like grabbing a bite or sipping on a refreshing drink? We’ve got you covered! Our strategically placed seating areas let you keep an eye on the action while you recharge. It’s like having your very own VIP spot in the midst of the playtime extravaganza.

So, get ready for hours of unbridled joy, where your little ones can bounce, climb, slide, and imagine to their heart’s content. Our playground isn’t just a play area; it’s a haven of happiness, where every adventure is met with a helping of health and a dash of delight. Come join the fun – because childhood should be a carnival of laughter, and we’ve got the tickets to the show!



No need to worry, we’re here to guide you. If something’s still unclear, just give us a call, we’re happy to chat!

What activities are available at your playground?

Our playground offers a variety of activities including mini trampolines, kid-sized climbing walls, thrilling slides, engaging games, a fun labyrinth, captivating books, and mind-bending puzzles.

Can adults accompany their children on the playground equipment?

Yes, one adult per child can accompany the child in the playground, as long as they use Planet Air Sports anti-slip socks.

What is the pricing for admission to the playground?

Admission to the playground is $20 per day, and it's not charged by the hour.

Can I bring outside food or drinks into the playground?

No, outside food or drinks are not allowed in the playground for safety and cleanliness reasons.

Is there a specific age range for children to enjoy the playground?

While the playground is suitable for children of various ages, the equipment is designed primarily for toddlers and young children under 45 inches in height.

Are there designated seating areas for parents and guardians within the playground?

Yes, we have strategically placed seating areas around the playground where parents and guardians can relax and supervise their children while they play.

Discover the thrill of trampolining at Planet Air Sports, where safety, cleanliness, and diverse activities combine for an unforgettable adventure!

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$20    Price by the day, not by the hour

Toddlers' Playground safety rules

  • Running or jumping in the play area is not allowed.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the play area.
  • It is not allowed to change diapers in the playground.
  • Adults are not allowed on the playground equipment.
  • Use the playground area at your own risk.
  • Shoes are not allowed in the play area.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • The playground equipment is for children under 45 inches.
  • Planet Air Sports is not responsible for any injuries, lost, or stolen items.