Ever have those nights, where you are at home bored, and then you get this brilliant idea to go bowling, but you do not just want to bowl, you want to do other things as well? Well, at Planet Air Sports Doral we have it all including the bowling alley you have all been waiting for. 

There are 8 lanes included and all the weights for the bowling balls you will need. We have a café to eat and get drinks from, while you play and if you finish your games of bowling and still want to do something else, you can come on down to our trampolines and jump around.

Bowling is also an ideal activity for corporate events, company Christmas parties, team building events, corporate meetings, or simply finding time to get your friends together.

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Monday thru Thursday

Maximum 5 Players per lane.
Not valid on holidays and School out day
$10 Per game + $5 Bowling shoe rental
$50 Per hour + $5 Bowling shoe rental


Friday thru Sunday

Maximum 6 Players per lane.
Valid on holidays and school out day
$12 Per game + $5 Bowling shoe rental
$60 Per hour + $5 Bowling shoe rental



- Confine your bowling to your own lane.
- Always wear Planet Air Sports’ approved bowling shoes.
- No Food or drink on the approach.
- Alert Planet Air Sports’ crew right away of any equipment malfuction or concern.
- Only roll bowling balls down the lane. Do not throw, bounce, or shot-put bowling balls.
- Do not leave children unattended.
- Remember to keep all play and behavior appropriate for all ages.
- Only the individual bowling should be on the approach.
- Keep hands away from ball return and ball return tray.
- If assistance is needed, please ask a member of the Planet Air Sports’ crew.

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