trampoline park Doral

Visit Planet Air Sports and enjoy having “Out-of-this-World” fun jumping to your hearts’ content on our indoor trampoline park Doral. It’s a Non-Stop Fun attraction for all ages and it’s also a fantastic workout you won’t want to miss. Trampolining is fun and great work out. While on the trampoline, choose between our different available attractions or try them all out. 
You can take your best shot at our (3) three different height Basketball Hoops. Join us for a challenging and adrenaline filled game of Dodgeball on our state of the art Dodgeball trampoline, or you can simply jump for fun and flip to showcase and practice your skills amongst your family, coworkers and friends.
Our trampoline park in Doral is maintained and sanitized on a continuous basis.
trampoline park doral
trampoline park doral
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(Main Trampoline, Dodgeball, Dunk Basketball, Aeroball, Jumpshot and Cageball). Planet Air Sports anti-skid socks are required.
Minimum height 45".


25$  Price by the day not by the hour




- Participant Maximum weight is 250lbs.
- Sharp Objects, Keys, Loose items, Jewelry, Watches, Hats, Etc. Must be REMOVED from person before jumping on our trampoline park.
- Avoid jumping in the same area of anyone significantly younger or less skilled than yourself.
- Food, Drinks, Gum or Candy of any kind is NOT ALLOWED on our trampoline park.
- Ensure that you always land all jumps with both feet.
- Top section of the trampoline and blue pads are to be avoided while jumping.
- Yield to fellow jumpers at all times and no intentional colliding, rough-housing, or tripping on our trampoline park.
- Foul language or profanity is not allowed.
- Immediate dismissal if you double jump, double flip or play “Popcorn”.
- Running is never allowed and stricly PROHIBITED on our trampoline park.
- Safety says kids less than 45 Inches tall are not allowed on trampoline park.
- Tired? Take a break on the flight deck. No sitting/lying down on trampoline.
- Trampolining is great work out. Rest when you feel tired.
- When looking for a trampoline park near me, always keep in mind the safety rules. 

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