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Reach New Peaks on Our Exciting Climbing Walls!

Embark on an adventure with our cutting-edge indoor climbing structures boasting a myriad of top-notch routes. Brace yourself for the thrill—they’re not just fun and towering, but a vibrant explosion of colors awaits!

Challenge a companion to a race to the summit, reveling in the unpredictable twists of each ascent. Ever tried climbing in complete darkness? Our Dark Tower, adorned with luminous pegs, offers an unforgettable experience. Don’t let this extraordinary opportunity slip through your fingers—immerse yourself in the exhilaration and unexpected hurdles that await.

These climbing walls aren’t just a test of physical prowess; they’re a mental workout. Enhancing strength, building endurance, refining agility, promoting flexibility, and pushing the boundaries of motion—brace yourself for a holistic journey of excitement and challenge.

Embark on a journey where every ascent is a story, and every grip is a choice. Our state-of-the-art climbing walls beckon with a tapestry of quality routes—each one a unique challenge waiting to be conquered. These aren’t mere walls; they’re canvases of adventure, adorned with hues that defy the ordinary.

Bring a friend along, and together, scale the heights while the competition unfolds organically. Witness the race to the summit, where unpredictability reigns supreme. And if you haven’t experienced the thrill of climbing in complete darkness, our Dark Tower, adorned with radiant pegs, promises an otherworldly escapade that lingers in your memory.

These walls aren’t just structures; they’re conduits for physical and mental transformation. Feel the strain, embrace the endurance, navigate with agility, and discover a newfound flexibility. Each climb is an invitation to expand your limits, both physically and mentally, promising a holistic journey of excitement and self-discovery. Are you ready to ascend?

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1 hour: $16  |  2 hours: $25  |  All Day: 32


 - Participant minimum weight is 50 lbs. and maximum weight is 250 lbs.
- Participant must safely fit in harness
- Ensure that your shoes are secure. NO FLIP-FLOPS OR OPEN HEEL SHOES.
- No horseplay. Operator reserves the right to expel participant from the attraction if exhibiting this behavior
- Attraction is not recommended for guests with the following conditions: Pregnancy • Neck problems • Back Problems • Heart Problems • Recent Surgery Or any history of physical condition that may be aggravated by this attraction.

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