Kids vs. Technology

Kids are very impressionable at early stages and the more they play video games, the more they will not want to do anything else. They will start forgetting about family fun days and start to think about how much they can’t wait to play. It can also affect them at school, allowing them to lose focus on what is important and start to think about the video game and only that video game.

Every parent has that moment when they are trying to talk to their kids or have a fun day with them, but the kids cannot stop using their electronic devices or going on social media. We get it, it could be aggravating at times, and as our world is changing, we are starting to lose more and more communication with each other because of our current technology.

According to a study done by the YMCA, they found that 42 percent of parents say that technology has been a big issue in their kid being active. The YMCA also found that the use of technology is only partly at fault for kids being unhealthy. They state that 74 percent of families decide to have family time sitting on a couch in front of a TV and 53 percent spend additional time playing video games with them or sit in front of a computer. At this rate, we cannot just blame technology, but ourselves as well.

We want the kids of today to stay active, as the world of obesity is becoming substantially large. This is not the only problem as they may become addicted to video games and not participate in anything else, which can allow the child to be socially awkward when offline. It can also allow children to completely tear themselves away from the outside world, which includes you, the parents.

At Planet Air Sports, we want to help you have family fun days again. Phones are not encouraged as we want you to enjoy our park to the fullest. We offer many attractions to keep your family busy including attractions that you can all do at the same time, like the trampolines, circuitos de cuerdas, bubble soccer and paintball.

As for pictures, yes, we allow pictures and the use of your phone to capture those moments you want to cherish forever. We understand that no parent wants to miss those great moments of their kid jumping, or mom and dad together with the kids. We also made a wall that we call our “Hall of Fame Wall” for pictures! It’s great for memories and family photos. We want Planet Air Sports to be a fit and fun place for all, and we will do our best to continue to provide the best service we can, along with as much fun as you would like to get kids active!

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