COMING SOON - Spin Zone Bumper Cars

At Planet Air Sports we offer out-of-this-world-fun activities for the entire family. And now, on top of our mind-blowing rides, we will have the new Spin Zone Bumper Cars! A “spin” on the old concept of bumper cars, the Spin Zone Bumper Cars offer dynamic impacts and the joy of spinning wildly when the targets on either side of your car are struck.

Buckle up and get ready for a crazy ride on the Spin Zone Bumper Cars at Planet Air Sports. Hit and run has never been so much fun! Whirl around with your friends in our battle of the bumpers. Bump, spin and crash into your opponents on the bumper cars course. Spin in your bumper car and laugh along with your friends and family while trying to avoid (or not avoid) someone bumping into you. This competitive interactive attraction on our bumper is fun for any age.

It’s great for the kids that love cars but are not old enough to drive. It is also perfect for grown up drivers who dream of taking out their rush hour frustrations on other drivers! It sure is a smashing good time for all ages!

This isn’t your typical bumper car ride. You must anticipate where your target will be and think fast because others are trying to target you! Just remember that after the ride, there is no need to hold onto those competitive feelings, just fun and bumpy memories. Bring your friends and family for a great time of bumper car madness and take bumper cars to the next level today!

The bumper cars are designed for ages five years old and up to drive. Riders can be as young as three years old when they ride in the Buddy Seat with and adult. The cars are easy to enter and exit for any age rider and easy to control. Operating at a maximum of three mph, they are not fast, but are very quick.

Add the Spin Zone Bumper Cars Experience to your birthday party for $60 base package (11 kids) and $5.50 each additional rider.

Age and Height Restrictions:

  • To drive your own Spin Zone Bumper car, you must be 5 years old and 35 inches.
  • To be a buddy seat passenger, the rider must be 3 years old to 7 years old with a max. weight of 65 lbs. and height 60 inches.
  • *Passengers ride for FREE when they are under 5 years old and using a buddy seat accompanied by an adult.
  • Maximum combined weight to ride the Spin Zone Bumper Cars: 350 lbs.

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