Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah


As October came, we celebrated a new boy into manhood in our facility. His name is Ryan. Not only did he enjoy our park, but he did something to our Paintball room no one has done before. Our Glow in the dark paintless paintball room might not look like a party room, but it can sure change. There are endless possibilities in this amazing room, and at Ryan’s Bar mitzvah we show one great option. It became a dance floor with digital screens all over the walls, drapes from the ceiling, a DJ on the second-floor partying his music and incredible decorations. There was also a full bar and a buffet. These are just some of the amazing things that can happen in this multi-use room. Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah was one of the best we have ever had so far. While the kids played outside on the arena, the parents partied inside, and they all partied till they dropped! Here at Planet Air Sports we strive ourselves on fitness made fun, and now, you can play and party at the same time. You can enjoy our ropes courses, trampolines, climbing walls, among other attractions, and then when you are ready to eat and dance to a little more, just head right back to our glow in the dark paintless paintball room and dance your night away. It’s the perfect combination for a great day and a great celebration. There is no other place that can mix a ballroom and an amusement park in one lot. That is why we feel there is no better place to have a Bar Mitzvah. The only place you can find such great and awesome adventures is… You guessed it, Planet Air Sports.