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Maximum weight 250 lbs for all attractions.

   Price by the day, not by the hour



   Price by the day, not by the hour

COMBO #1  

Includes: Trampoline + 1 Attraction


COMBO #2  

Includes: Trampoline + 2 Attraction


COMBO #3  

Includes: Trampoline + 3 Attraction



Includes: All the Attractions


(See above attraction list)
*These combos don’t include any of the STAND-ALONE ATTRACTIONS)


Try our NEW Fun Package and upgrade any combo to make it even more Fun! it includes: $10 arcade card, 1 virtual reality game, plus anti-skid socks.


Board Games


Get a $5 coupon for the cafe.



60 Minutes Session

Over the course of a 60-minute session, each participant will typically spend 30 minutes on the ski slope with the Trainer. Due to the intensity, you ski 10 minutes, and rest 10 minutes. You repeat this 3 times for a total of 1 hour. Includes instructor, boots, helmet, poles, skies & snowboards

Group Session

(3 participants – you may join other groups)

$49 Each Adult

$44 Each Child

Semi Private

(2 participants)

$59 Each Adult

$55 Each Child


$99 Each Adult

$84 Each Child

One Ride

$6 + $1 card

Buddy passenger under 45 inches FREE

Monday thru Thursday

$10 Per Game per person

$50 Per hour + shoe rental

Not valid on holidays and school out day

Sunday thru Sunday

$12 Per Game per perso

$60 Per hour + shoe rental

Valid on holidays and School out day

1 game


(Tokens sold at the park)

24 Pitches – $5

   Price by the day, not by the hour

$20 for kids under 45 inch  

More Info


- Participant Maximum weight is 250lbs.
- Sharp Objects, Keys, Loose items, Jewelry, Watches, Hats, Etc. Must be REMOVED from person.
- Avoid jumping in the same area of anyone significantly younger or less skilled than yourself.
- Food, Drinks, Gum or Candy of any kind is NOT ALLOWED.
- Ensure that you always land all jumps with both feet.
- Top section of the trampoline and blue pads are to be avoided while jumping.
- Yield to fellow jumpers at all times and no intentional colliding, rough-housing, or tripping.
- Foul language or profanity is not allowed.
- Immediate dismissal if you double jump, double flip or play “Popcorn”.
- Running is never allowed and stricly PROHIBITED.
- Safety says kids less than 45 Inches tall are not allowed on trampoline park.
- Tired? Take a break on the flight deck. No sitting/lying down on trampoline.

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