Benefits of Playing Baseball

Everyone loves a good game of baseball, but you gain a lot more than just having fun from a good game. Not only is baseball America’s favorite pastime, but it’s also the leading youth sport among boys.

Baseball teaches kids the importance of teamwork while staying fit and healthy. Here at Planet Air Sports we have two completely upgraded state of the art baseball/softball pitching machines. Swinging a baseball bat is also a great way to build arm strength and improves joint flexibility. When the machine throws the ball, batting requires a great amount of hand eye coordination.

According to the Sports Fitness Advisor website, a professional baseball player tends to be lean, with a body fat percentage between 8 and 9, and able to run 60 yards in less than seven seconds.In our batting cages you get to practice the perfect swing while working on your mental focus and concentration.

Getting yourself comfortable is also very important, we have many bats and helmets, so you can find the one you are comfortable with. Playing baseball is a good way to get both vigorous and moderate exercise as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association. As the sport continues to grow, and more players get involved, the training side of the sport also grows. Of course, players are always looking to improve their skills, which means lot of hours of training. Regardless of the weather, players want to practice gregariously. Heat, rain or wind will not stop you from playing your favorite sport. Batters can be challenged by a variety of speeds that our machine throws in. We want everyone to stay in shape while still having a good time, and we believe a batting cage is a perfect example of that. They are also a great addition to any of our birthday parties!

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