Enterprise Rent A Car Corporate Outing

Enterprise Rent A Car Corporate Outing
Team building activities are crucial to the improvement and success of a business. They help employees better understand each other, which helps them work together for the future of their company. Everyone wants to accomplish improved communication, making the work place somewhere they can be comfortable and happy to work with anyone. Most importantly, they need to have FUN!

What better place to have fun than here at Planet Air. Enterprise Rent A Car recently got in contact with us to plan their corporate outing. We finally met the team, and boy are we glad we did! They truly knew what it meant to be a team and how vital it was to their company, which they all care tremendously for.

Seeing groups bond and have a great time really makes our job worth it! Enterprise Rent A Car and their team spent hours at our facility, of course benefiting from all the amenities we have to offer! From the fun they had bowling, playing billiards and baseball to the amazing food and drinks they had from our Planet Air Café. Beer and wine are always perfect for any corporate event, especially is it is partnered up with our amazing arepas, cachapas, gourmet pizzas, hamburgers and much more!

We offer your valued staff member ropes courses, trampolines, zip Lines, trapeze, bowling, batting cages, and even an indoor ski and snowboard simulator. Enterprise rent a car didn’t want to leave and we didn’t want them to leave either!At Planet Air we are providing you with a unique and unforgettable team building event that your team will never forget, while still having fun and staying fit!

Enterprise Rent A Car Corporate Outing

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