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Eclipse Party

Eclipse Party

Embracing the Eclipse Experience

Planning the perfect birthday party for your child can be a thrilling adventure, and what better way to elevate the excitement than with our Eclipse Party Package? Let’s dive into the stellar details of this ultimate party experience.

Welcome to Eclipse Party Package: Trampolines + 2 Attractions

At Eclipse, we’re thrilled to present our dynamic party package that promises an unforgettable experience for your child’s special day. Dive into a whirlwind of excitement with our Trampolines + 2 Attractions package, where you can choose from our main attractions (Zip lines, Ropes Courses, Ninja Course, Monkey Rings, and Climbing Walls) designed to keep the fun soaring high and the memories lasting a lifetime.

What you'll get.


10 Guests

24 Guests

Monday to Thursday
$45 aditional child
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Friday to sunday & holidays

$45 additional child

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Jump Into Joy: Trampolines + 2 Attractions

Picture this: boundless energy, laughter echoing through the air, and unforgettable memories in the making. With our Eclipse Party Package, your little one and their friends will embark on a journey of exhilaration. They’ll have exclusive access to not just trampolines but also four additional attractions, ensuring non-stop entertainment.

Exclusive Party Rooms: Tailored for Your Celebration

Whether you’re hosting a cozy gathering of 10 guests or a bustling bash with 24 attendees, we’ve got you covered. Our spacious party rooms provide the perfect backdrop for celebrations, complete with vibrant décor and a welcoming atmosphere. Choose the room size that suits your guest list, and let the festivities begin!

Action-Packed Itinerary: 2 Hours of Thrills

For two hours straight, the partygoers will be immersed in a whirlwind of excitement. From bouncing on trampolines to engaging in heart-pounding dodgeball matches, there’s never a dull moment. Plus, they get to handpick four additional attractions from a thrilling lineup, ensuring that every moment is packed with fun and adventure.

Delectable Delights: Pizza, Drinks, and More

After working up an appetite, it’s time to refuel and recharge. Our party package includes two slices of piping hot pizza per child, along with refreshing beverages and tempting treats like ice cream cups or bags of chips. It’s a feast fit for young adventurers ready to conquer the next challenge.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of fun and excitement?
Contact us today to book your Eclipse Party Package and prepare for a celebration that will leave your child and their friends beaming with joy! Have questions? Check out our FAQs or give us a call at 305-800-4386. Let the adventure begin!

Terms and conditions

Before booking your Little Stars Party, please review our terms and conditions:

  • All deposits are 50% refundable if canceled 7 to 14 days before the party.
  • Deposits are non-refundable if canceled 7 days or less before the party.
  • Changes to party dates or times can be accommodated with advance notice.
  • No refunds or date changes within 24 hours of the party.
  • A 15% service charge will be added to the final bill.


No need to worry, we’re here to guide you. If something’s still unclear, just give us a call, we’re happy to chat!

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are 50% refundable if canceled 7 to 14 days before the party.

What happens if I need to change the party date?

We can accommodate changes to party dates or times with advance notice.

Can I bring outside food or drinks?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any external food or drinks to maintain the high standards of our private party experience.

What happens if I need assistance during the celebration?

Our dedicated hosts are here to help! Whether you need guidance or have specific requests, our hosts ensure a stress-free celebration.

Is there a service charge added to the final bill?

Yes, a 15% service charge will be included in your final bill.

Are the VR games suitable for all age groups?

Yes, our Unlimited VR Games add-on caters to all age groups, providing a diverse and enjoyable experience for everyone.